Demo 2014

by Life Trap

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released March 29, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered in Triumph Studios by Paulo Buesso

Artwork done by Marcus Campos

Gang vocals: Life Trap, Carol Mom, Carol Punx, Vila and Tarta Mob

Guest vocal on "Here to stay" by Vila (Werewolf, Mistakes)



all rights reserved


Life Trap Sao Paulo, Brazil

Terror Boys

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Track Name: Intro/Life is Pain
You better get ready for worst
You was born to live in this hell
Life is unfair
You can hide but you can't escape
You're caught in a life trap

Life is pain
I don't choose play this game
Nobody cares, nobody give a fuck
It's every man for himself

Life is pain
There's no easy way out
Life is pain
You can only trust in death

Life is miserable and suffering
There's no way to escape no way to get out
I'm searching for better way to die
Track Name: Mindless
Why can't you understand
That this idea makes no sense
Your white
Doesn't made you better than others

You live like an idiot
Breathing hate
Blind by ignorance
You can't accept differences

Why can't you fucking see?
Why can't you fucking hear?
Why are you so fucking stupid?
I'll never understand
Track Name: Here to stay
It's a world hate
You hate us
We hate you

We just trying to do our best
You want destroy all the things that we have
But it's ok! I don't care
We have our friends you can have the rest!

It's a world of hate
You hate us
We hate you

Hardcore belongs to us
This felling will never fade away
No matter what you say!
We are here to fucking stay!

No matter what you do
No matter what you say
We are here to fucking stay
Track Name: Live my life
I don't want to be like you
I wasn't born to follow their rules
Living like a machine
Playing their games

I don't wanna live like you
You don't have to be yourself
I don't wanna live like you
You don't have to be yourself

You have a great job
You have a nice car
But don't have time live your own life

I don't want to be like you
I don't want to be like you
I don't want to be like you

I don't wanna live like you
You don't have to be yourself
I don't wanna live like you
You don't have to be yourself

i just wanna live my life!
Track Name: Hardcore Life
When will you see that we're living for this thing?
Spending losts of time and money
Why do you think we do this for?

We don't live your greedy life
We don't look for fame
Fuck looking cute
I'm strictly doc boots and bootleg suits

If I'm not at a show diving on peoples heads
São Paulo got me depressed
That's why I live for this
It isn't that much/ of a so called hobby

We live low life cuz we know no other way
Hardcore life till we die!
Track Name: Trife Life
You'll never understand nothing about me
I am that illness that you can't cure
I am more danger than you can notice

Furious, suffered, violent with open eyes

Raised inside your chaos
No compassion, hope or peace
I am that one creature you can't control

What I feel
What I speak
How I act
What I do

I am your worst nightmare- and this one never ends!
A creature your shackles will never bind!